With Easter just about a fortnight away, the academy is busy gearing up for it’s holiday special courses. Following up on our previous post about sketching events in Barcelona, we’re happy to share news of BAA’s Urban Sketching workshop, scheduled to be held from 21st – 26th March. Here’s a little excerpt from the course description,

“A sketch is a quick drawing that depicts an image or an idea, and that sometimes it is only readable by the author. The sketching technique considers the main lines of a drawing, so for an educated eye this operation is usually performed in a short time.

In this course we will work illustration in the urban environment, learning to focus our attention on an interesting thing (a building, cityscape, group of people or a particular detail) and translate it into a notebook by means of a quick drawing. We will combine drawing with typography (text), and we will review the basics of color with watercolors. We may also experiment with different mapping techniques to see what results we get, and how we can strengthen the result of our work exploiting the potential of each of these techniques (dry, wet and mixed).”

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To get a feel of what to expect, here’s a video from the same workshop last year,



What stands out the most about this workshop is the fantastic line up of tutors, five among Barcelona’s most well known urban sketchers. You can see their work below and visit their websites by clicking on their names. Each of them have a unique style and approach to interpreting what they see around them, so there will be lots of new and exciting things to learn everyday!





Santi Sallés :

BAA Blog_Santi salles


Lluïsot :

BAA Blog_Lluisot

Abel Carrasco :BAA Blog_Able Carrasco

ShiemBcn :

BAA Blog_Shiem

Daniel Castro :

BAA Blog_Daniel Castro



I’d say the workshop is a really good idea for anyone who wants to experience Barcelona with a fresh perspective.  For people who’re looking for an excuse to visit Barcelona, this could be it. You’ll get to see different parts of the city, and at the end of it go back with your own little travelogue, filled with your very personal memories of Barcelona. A refreshing change from the selfies we are so used to quickly snapping whenever we go! For students who’re already doing their academic training, it offers a chance to loosen up and try out something different.


For more details about the course and registration details, click here

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– Manasi Parikh / Intensive Drawing Student / 2nd Trimester