Last Friday 30 September 2016 we were happy to welcome our new generation of students in this 2016-17 school year. The meeting gathered all new students at the BAA Poblenou facilities. All our teachers’ team were present, together with all members of the BAA staff.

“The most important thing in this program is that you practise, practise, practise. Don’t stop drawing, join the optional evening sessions, do extra work whenever you feel like it, you will soon realize how important this is for your future artwork”.
Jordi Diaz Alamà
director of the Barcelona Academy of Art

At 9:30am students started to ring at the door of the BAA Poblenou, almost 30 minutes before the meeting time. They looked happy and their eyes were curious to catch all the details of the place. Soon, other students joined the first group of the early risers and they started chatting in a very natural way. The group was little by little growing bigger and bigger and when the time arrived, all of them were taken to the Model Room, where all the teachers appeared seated on stools, smiling at them.

BAA director Jordi Diaz Alamà was the first to talk. He gave a warm welcome to all of the students to the Barcelona Academy of Art and one by one, he introduced all the members of the teachers’ team and staff that are part of this four-year-old project.

After that, Sofía Zuluaga took the baton to talk about materials and how to use them. This, includes pencil and charcoal sharpening procedure and paper election.

“Once you buy a paper sheet, you need to treat it with care, as it was your most beautiful treasure. Otherways, it can easily get ruined if it folds or gets wrinkles, which are not good for drawing, as you need the paper to be as tight as possible”.
Sofía Zuluaga
BAA instructor and Artistic Residency student

Students were then invited to join a tour through the facilities and they ended up attending a demo conducted by Sofía Zuluaga, Alba Gallart and Joe Altwer on the first steps to take when starting a drawing of a Bargue plate using the Sight-Size method.


After lunch, intensive drawing students were asked to meet in the BAA Sarrià with their teachers, so that they could know which their actual workspace was, and leave their materials in each designed space. The presentation in Sarrià was conducted by Pau Marinel·lo, Sofía Zuluaga, Raffaella Freyre, Florian Boschitsch and Christian Duran.

The day ended up in a tour through the main attractions in Barcelona, headed by official tour guide Gemma Cullell. Students were happy to chat in a more relaxed environment while discovering the most beautiful spots of our wonderful city.

Images: Ayuesh Agarwal

Overall, it was a lovely day, where teachers and students could meet and exchange experiences before the lessons properly start.