And we’re back to our stomping grounds in Barcelona after a hundred day break (yes, really!) I believe the nicest thing about summer break is that we all travel to different parts of the world, collecting so many stories along the way. And since we’re a bunch of artists you can be assured that these stories will be packaged into neat little pieces of art, immortalising the experiences of a summer for a lifetime and more.

All thanks to Facebook, timelines were peppered with visual treats from around the world all through summer. With freedom to do whatever we please with our minds and materials, for some of us summer is a chance prod ourselves to discover our voices, like young whispers of a new beginning. For others is about singing out louder, dreaming larger, thinking bigger.

This week we begin with sharing summer tales of three of our students, Marta –  our quiet Polish girl with a not-so-quiet mind and heart, Joana – our bubbly supergirl from Luxembourg famous for her infectious enthusiasm and energy, and Nina – our Danish lover girl who comes inbuilt with a large appetite for life, travel and bhel puri!


I was fond of hand made works since I remember, especially everything what is close to folklore, to trades which are slowly being forgotten… I think it’s in my slavic blood. I always felt like from different era, born in wrong times. In paintings I saw what was giving me a thrill of excitement are all those amazing costumes, filled with intricate embroidery, gold work, delicate laces… I always was thinking not about women who were wearing those incredible dresses but about women who made them! I couldn’t find anyone in my area who is still making those kind of things by hand so I taught myself by trial and errors and watching videos on youtube.  I’m doing crochet and embroidery so far but I have plans to learn more with time :)

This summer I got my first commission! Old techniques but modern idea, dragon scale colourful shawl made with cotton wool . It’s amazing… I’ve never thought about making money from it! I’ve learnt it for myself because I felt compelled to it. I am happy and grateful!


I made also a crochet flower using thin white and silver cotton threat and wire for my friend’s wedding. I love gifts which are made by hand, from the heart.


How is it different from school work? I love it not only because of it’s beauty but because a feeling it gives me when I’m doing it. It’s like a meditation, it’s my place where my chaotic, crazy, emotional mind can truly rest. I think of nothing, time stops while I’m immersing myself in this laborious process.  It’s also switching a little bit to something which I can sense and modulate with hands, feel different texture under my fingers, soft, warm, or cold and slippery. It also stimulate me to think differently, to be more creative as well. And I can pretend for a while that I am in those former times :)



Ever since I can remember, I always loved telling stories through drawings. For me drawing is a tool to communicate what words can’t describe, and this was always my goal, to share and create fantastic and magical worlds, like what books do through words. I work like a crazy person to be able and try to reach a skill level where I feel confident I can clearly express and almost materialize my own worlds. Imagination is a gift, a super power that we have but that is sadly under rated…
Anyway, this summer I decided to pick a story and develop some scenarios to it, as seen in the images below. The story in question is a fairytale by Charles Perrault called ‘Les fées’. The entire project can be accessed here.
Regarding the next image, I can tell that anatomy and the human body is one of my passions, and animation is actually a combination of the storytelling and movement of characters. So I also made some tryouts for movements of the body, for one of the main characters of the story.
Picking a project like this and developing as much as we can, is really fun and pushed my imagination to a whole new level. It is my way of practicing, but of course, we do need the basic foundations to be able to clearly communicate what we want. And I am happy to say that i’m finding them in BAA  :)
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Nina  I have been in a long distance relationship right since I moved to Barcelona for the academy.

Therefore I naturally walked right from the airplane into warm arms, when I came to Denmark back in June. I became dizzy in the heavy summer heat and didn’t care about making any use of the oceans of time that I was swimming in. Disoriented and anaesthetized, this was the only thing I could draw!


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Hope you enjoyed this post! We’ll be posting more summertime tales through the rest of this week, do come back for more :)

– Manasi Parikh / Intensive Sculpture Program / Trimester 4