We kickstart this week by sharing the work of three students; Kassidy, our witty girl from Florida with an incredible sense of humour and an excellent resource on the illegal activities of pandas; Sandro, our blue eyed (swiss)chocolate boy who’s finished his training in digital art followed by an art residency and an internship at Minimo VFX and is soon travelling to Prague to discover his fortunes. And Kostas, our big mighty bearded Greek with unmatched dedication (because who else would have the BAA logo tattooed on his arm?)




I just wanted to do something very simple. It’s by no means perfect and clearly remains a bit unfinished, but I had fun doing it. Many thanks to Joana Ferreira for giving me a critique or two.




My summer was dedicated mainly to experimentation and maintaining a rhythm in drawing, forcing myself to test out inks, gouache, markers and watercolor while still keeping myself practiced in Photoshop and pencil. With some of my images I also focused on composition and storytelling by using written prompts of scenarios that I would either find or make myself. I consider storytelling to be the “bread and butter” in concept art and illustration since i believe that without a story there is no image.

When it comes to my ink works I attempted to “kill two birds with the same stone” aiming to improve my anatomical understanding while also improving my dexterity with inks. this became a very fun warm-up activity to do upon starting my day. Using inks alongside with the methodology taught to me in the academy forces me to spend some time thinking and understanding what I want to draw before i draw it, leading me to be more structured in my drawing process.
machine wars


This summer I wanted to practise what we’ve learned so far and also learn a little bit about drawing using white chalk on toned paper which would be my next project in the Academy. So, with the help of my friend, amazing artist  and ex student of the Academy Tobias Berman and also Gerard Castellvi Gasco who always pushes me in order to learn more and more i started two portraits of my friends. They posed for me in my living room where i’ve put some cheap black linens and a daylight bulb in order to mimic the academy’s environment.


Also after my first portrait attempt, Gerard gave me to copy with white chalk two portraits, one of Rembrandt’s and one of Velasquez.I learn’t so much by doing all this because it was my first attempt ever and by doing this in my home without critiques i had to make it work some how. I had to be critiquing myself all the time. I was imagining the teachers and their  reactions in all the stages, believe it hahaha. There are a lot of mistakes but that’s the only way to learn.


Also because of my teaching background i always want to share what i learn and help whoever wants something, so i decided to start a video tutorial series about stuff that will help the new students and also people that want to learn what we do. I know that i was searching for this stuff before entering the Academy so now i could help others like me. I love teaching and basically one of my dreams is to teach in an Academy like ours.
I wanted also to learn what ratio of water to ink  is needed to tone properly a paper for drawing. I will never forget Gerard’s comments on some papers last year (they were to light or too dark…). I used the munsell Student color book which I highly recommend and stripes of Arches paper and after 60 tests (picture of my ocd phase below), i found a ratio that was working (a tone between value 5 and 6 of the 9 value scale)! I will make a video for this soon enough.
I also made a webpage for my work so far with the help of my best friend in order to have something properly out there. you can see it here: http://kprotopapas.gr/
Thanks for this opportunity to share what we did this summer and keep up the amazing work everyone!

-Manasi Parikh / Intensive Sculpture Program / Trimester 4