Hola! Buenas :) We end the week with sharing the work and words of Mario, our very passionate sculpture student who’s also recently started teaching, and then two students from the east, Arman from Kazakstan who talks about the culture he comes from and his aspirations with regard to work, and Nataliya from Moscow who’s very very excited about being in Barcelona!


This summer I needed money to come back to school, so I had to work a lot with not too much time to work on my own stuff. I was in a little village 40 km from Alicante where I picked grapes, 11 hours a day, 6 days in the week… I don’t know, not too much to tell about it. Just working and walking around the mountains, going into the countryside.  I was there for five weeks, and then I went hiking (autostop) a little in Andalucia (cool experience)

Then I came back to Barcelona to work with the academy during September and I had a little time to do some sculpture stuff in my free time, when i finished working in the academy at 7:30 or 8. It was an interesting summer because I just did one or two pieces, but I realised a lot of things while working in the countryside as I had a lot of time to think and walk alone. I was living with my girlfriend, who supported me a lot in everything, listening to me and just being there with her smile and her nice character.

Working with the academy made me realise how hard it is to make the academy works and allowed me some alone time there preparing podiums, setting up, moving stuff and preparing everything for the big start of the new academic year, haha! Working in the academy was a great experience too.  And, I don’t know…I started a Bargue,  I did some anatomy studies, and I started two free modelling exercises without the academy method just to get used to the feel of clay again. For this term my motivations are still learning and improving, just taking all that I can from Sara, Valentina and Chris and focussing all my energy on it.

And about what is sculpture for me…I don’t know… Sculpture to me is everything. I mean…even when I can’t do it or I’m sick of it or just doing other things that I consider more important, I’m thinking about sculpture, forms, materials…Its my passion, and the motivation that makes me wake up happy every day, gives me purpose in life… Since three years it is what I do every day, it is so deep in my routine. And maybe because I haven’t been able to do too much sculpture or drawing in the past months, the distance from it is making me realise just how important it is to me.



Copies of Durer, da Vinci, Rubens and Zuccarelli. I did these studies during summer because what else would I do with all that time? I took to drawing since I was a child and if it wasn’t for drawing, I don’t know what I would be doing with my life. In Kazakhstan, being an artist is looked down up, especially for men. Men are supposed to work, earn money, support their families. Painting and sculpture was never a part of the culture, not until seventy years ago when a few people started practising it. So there are not many artists and not much awareness about it in society. My family however has been supportive of my interest in pursuing it. I came to the academy to improve my technique. I want to be a skilled draftsman. I say draftsman because I feel like the word ‘artist’ is too big and important. For me, skill is important, and I’d like to reach a certain level of it to be able to respect myself.

Rubens and Durer


Vinci all



This summer inspired me with emotions and dynamics. First, here in Barcelona I met many people, many communications, many relations. It’s interesting to see love and flirt, people keeping hands together, walking, driving, motorcycling… Many houses, many light windows, many people… let them all come happy in love! First my charcoal series – “Tedderness” – is a mix from “Tenderness” and “Teddybear”. I mean that every girl wants to be with a loving, tender, caring man…who will never put her to suffering or any pain… (such as teddybear) But to be a teddybear is really not so easy! These works are made on Arches Fino and Arches Grueso, with Nitram charcoal.

Nat 1

Next works is a number of “shots”, catching people in relations, emotions, movement. “Dancing”, “Baila conmigo”, It’s over” (third one is about idea that to find new yourself is necessary to break relations with your old yourself). These works are oil on canvas, 80×100. Barcelona inspires!


Baila conmigo1


It’s been such an enriching experience to be among people from all over the world, all of who bring with them a little piece of their country and culture to Barcelona. So much to see, so much learn and just so much to do! Watch this space for our last set of summer stories next week, and have a lovely weekend :) (Also, meteor showers tonight guys, incase anyone is interested in catching them! More info here)

-Manasi Parikh / Intensive Sculpture Program / Trimester 4