Some of you may be wondering how it is to start a new academic year at the Barcelona Academy of Art (or any traditional training art school, in general). After we told you about our presentation day and the first demos led by the teachers, we also wanted to show you how students start drawing their first exercises, both in the studios and in the model rooms.

This 2016-17 academic year started with new students getting familiar with their first Bargue plate exercise, the set up and the Sight Size method, while more veteran students kept on working on their old projects or started setting up for the new exercise according to their program.

In the model rooms, students devoted the very first week to draw pencil sketches from a live model. This allowed them to start working with the method applied to the drawing of the figure, which is usually the most attractive part of the program, yet it is also the most difficult. Once they started feeling confident about drawing from life, they were encouraged to start a 1 week long pose exercise. In the Long Pose, models stand still in the same position during a determined number of weeks (usually 5 consecutive weeks), in 25 minutes sequences, where they keep the pose in the exact same position after each break. Again, for this very first contact with this exercise, students were encouraged to start a 1 week long pose.

This is a graphic summary of our students’ works after this first week working from a live model in the long pose exercise:

Not bad at all!

So, we moved to weeks 3 and 4 of this Fall term, and we had the very first (1 week) long pose exercise done. Let’s add one more week for a larger practise. Here are the results of their 2 weeks long pose exercise:

We see a lot of improvement in here!

At the moment, students are working on their 5 weeks long pose exercise, which will be over in two weeks, we will be posting some more images of the final results in our social media.

All images by John Orewa.

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