The Barcelona Academy of Art is delighted to announce that it has acquired a new space for Intensive Drawing and Painting in its Poblenou Campus! This new space will allow all our Intensive Program students to work under one roof and increases the capacity of the campus to more than 200 students. With this shift, the Barcelona Residency of Art Program has been moved from the Poblenou to the Sarrià campus. This move highlights the exponential growth we’ve seen in such programs.



September 29th:

On Orientation day, after everyone gathered, BAA Director Jordi Diaz Alamà personally welcomed and thanked everyone for their support. He spoke at length about the academy and introduced the teachers and staff.

After a quick overview of the principles that the Academy stood for, the students were split into groups of new and returning students and were briefed by their respective program co-ordinators: Gerard Castellvi, Pau Marinello, Valentina Zlataroa, Dorian Iten and Iago Remacha.


October 2nd :

The new Intensive Drawing space at Poblenou campus was inaugurated today.  Students and teachers alike got to experience the space for the first time; no one having seen the space before, save for the construction crew and a few key members of the BAA. There was a general air of awe and excitement as everyone explored the various new spaces, facilities, and equipment. From new sculpture studio, new digital rooms, model rooms to a brand new entrance on the main street.



After a quick tour of the new facilities, the Academy’s staff led students to their new workstations and the day began in earnest – An orientation and a demo of the Academic Method for our new joinees. This included everything from how to set up your work space to knowing what materials you’d require and where to get them to how to start a drawing using the Sight-Size method.

While some students began to setup their stations, from first bargues to final projects, others were assigned to model rooms where they began to draw, sculpt, and paint. This was just the beginning of the week!



Throughout this and the days to come, one of the true heroes behind the Academy’s smooth transition to the new workspace was the Administrative team who were at the forefront of every ask, of every need – answering questions, solving problems, and all around being available for anyone who’d come up to them.

In upcoming blogs, we’ll take a closer look at different programs, the students working within these, and what life is like at the Academy amongst various other topics.

See you soon!

Ayuesh Agarwal


Photos: Mira Karouta