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Écorche with Terra Chapman standard

Écorché is the last of the new subjects that joined the academy program in November and it takes place every Thursday from 17:30 to 20:30. The Écorché classes are taught by teacher Terra Chapman and during a whole academic year students build their own anatomic model with clay. This subject is planned for students to learn the human anatomy in a deep and specific way. To do so, the same method as the French Academies of the 19th century is used: it starts from a wire structure with which students sculpt with detail all the bones, muscles and fat that form the human body. Apart from the practial part, which helps to understand how the different elements that form our ...

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Digital sculpting and concept design standard

Digital sculpting and concept design is a subject taught by David Masson every wednesday from 17:30 pm to 20:30 pm and there students learn to design and model creatures and characters using Zbrush as a main software. Zbrush is a 3D software used by digital artists in cinema, animation, video games and illustration (among others). The process of sculpting in the program is very intuitive, and works in a very similar way to traditional sculpture. Moreover, color can be applied as well as different kinds of illumination and atmospheric effects to create very realistic renders.                                                      ...

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New subjects in November standard

With the arrival of November, the academy starts for the first time new subjects that complete the current program by offering a wider range for students. This subjects are digital sculpture with Zbrush, Écorché and Life figure modeling. Life figure modeling is a subject taught by Sara Stenlund every monday at the academy. The classes are planned for the students of the Barcelona Academy of Art to learn sculpting from a live model, which eases a better understanding of the anatomy and the spatial sense. The main goal is learning to observe and measure with precision while analyzing the human figure profoundly besides interiorizing the construction process of a full body figure with clay with the traditional techniques. If you want to ...

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Halloween in BAA standard

With the end of October comes Halloween, and with the fall of the night, the Barcelona Academy of Art transformes as a werewolf to welcome the witches' night. During the last hours of the 31th of October, the academy put aside its normal appearance to fill its rooms with spiderwebs, skeletons, pumpkins and other kinds of typical decorations of this celebration. When the lessons finished, students and teachers went to the dressing rooms to put themselves on the skin of diferent horror characters and the party was inaugurated. The terrorific and artistic night of Halloween at the academy had a DJ that enlivened the event, one magician that left the attendees mouth open with his “tricks”, and, of course, the “treat” ...

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Artist’s Day in Sitges standard

On the 23rd of October, Sitges celebrates the artist’s day. This day commemorates the date in which Santiago Rusiñol arrived to the village in 1891. On the occasion of the celebration the past Saturday 25th, the mayor allowed artists to sell their work and paint on the public spaces. Some students and teachers of the Barcelona Academy of Art enjoyed the occasion to spend a pleasant landscaping journey near the Sitges parish remembering Rusiñol himself.                                                               Pau Marinello                         ...

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Movement Drawing standard

Every friday, to finish the week, the academy changes its register and makes this days more dynamic and expressive. Some of this changes are the different subjects (experimental drawing, anatomy, concept art and movement drawing) that help the students to immerse in new ways of creativity and to reinforce their abilities. Movement drawing is taught by Roser Masip, doctor in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona. Probably, the subject is the most atypical of the program because it implies a challenge for the student, who is used to drawing with static poses and objects. This kind of exercise is characterized by the short time frequencies and the high production of drawings that helps improving the spontaneity and learning to capture the ...

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First Generation exhibition standard

The past 15th of October, the inauguration of First Generation took place with the collaboration of the museum MEAM. First Generation is the first exposition in which is exposed the work realized by the students of the Barcelona Academy of Art during their first academic year. The exhibition counts with 80 works and examples of the different disciplines that are taught at the academy, from the classic and the traditional to the most experimental side. The exposition gathers the result of a whole year of students and the teaching staff working side by side. It shows the students’ path during their learning time at the academy from drawing, which is the main tool, with still life exercices, sketches and long ...

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The BAA opens its doors for the new academic year standard

 After a long summer, the Barcelona Academy of Art is ready to welcome the 2014-2015 academic year. During this holidays months, the BAA installations have been set up so as to receive the new students that are joining for their first year and for the new activities that will be carried out by the the students that are specializing in their second year. In this way, the academy will count this year with two model rooms for drawing and painting, one sculpture area, two drawing areas, and an individualized spaces area where students develop their work. The past first and second of October the presentations for the new students took place and there they saw first hand the Sight-Size method, ...

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Teacher from California, painter Joseph Altwer standard

Joseph Altwer is instructor in the BAA and one of my favorite teachers. He came from California. He passes his internal confidence and academic knowledges every Thursday. We met at skatespot and museum of contemporary art MACBA, Barcelona for the interview. Joe, how long have you been skating? Joe Altwer: Since I was 1 year old. No, I think I started when I was 14 or 15? In my town there was not much else to do other than surfing or playing baseball? So skating for me was and still is a big part of my life! Where were you born? J.A. : I was born in Palo Alto, California, 1984, but I moved to Moss Beach when I was 10 or so. ...

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