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Barcelona Residency of Art @ Galeria El Claustre – Figueres standard

Barcelona Residency of Art students and their teachers at Galeria El Claustre - Figueres Save the date! We are happy to announce that BAA Residency students and their teachers will be exhibiting some of their recent works at Galeria d'Art El Claustre in Figueres (Girona). Opening: Friday, 10 March at 8pm.  The exhibition will run from 10 to 25 March, 2017. During the exhibition, the gallery will host three workshops that will allow people to get to know the authors and learn about the creative process that lies underneath every work of art: · Saturday 11 March. "The creative process". Conference by Pau Marinel·lo Cardona. · Saturday 18 March. Live painting demo with Sofia Zuluaga. · Saturday 25 March. Life painting workshop with Raffaella Freyre. +info and reservations: galeria@elclaustre.com Los ...

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The Pixar exhibition arrives to Barcelona standard

Last 5th of February was the inauguration of The Pixar Art Exhibition. 25 Years of Animation in Barcelona. After being held in cities like Madrid or New York, CaixaForum has brought to Barcelona a fundamental exhibition for all the lovers of digital animation, and essentially for those who enjoy the shorts and filmsmade by Pixar. The Pixar Art Exhibition. 25 Years of Animation presents a tour on the evolution of the company from its begginings in the animation sector with its debut on the big screen with Toy Story (1995), the first animation movie entirely made by computer, to its last creations like Brave (2012) and Monsters University (2013). The exhibition is divided in different rooms in which the visitor ...

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Díaz Alamà and students at the Barcelona Academy of Art’s exhibition @ La Destil·leria (Mataró) standard

  From 7 February to 18 March a selection of works by painter Jordi Diaz Alamà's and students at the Barcelona Academy of Art will be exhibited at La Destil·leria (Mataro). The exhibition at La Destil·leria is not a collective exhibition, but a choral show of the work of the artists. It is an exhibition under the expert direction of Jordi Diaz Alamà, who, through his work and his mastery fosters the participation of outstanding students of the Barcelona Academy of Art with the aim of establishing a dialogue between the academic and personal work. The artistic movement which defines the work of Diaz Alamà is contemporary figurative realism, which is rooted in the academic methodologies established during the 19th century ...

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First Generation exhibition standard

The past 15th of October, the inauguration of First Generation took place with the collaboration of the museum MEAM. First Generation is the first exposition in which is exposed the work realized by the students of the Barcelona Academy of Art during their first academic year. The exhibition counts with 80 works and examples of the different disciplines that are taught at the academy, from the classic and the traditional to the most experimental side. The exposition gathers the result of a whole year of students and the teaching staff working side by side. It shows the students’ path during their learning time at the academy from drawing, which is the main tool, with still life exercices, sketches and long ...

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Premio Ynglada-Guillot de dibujo para Jordi Díaz Alamà image

El director de la Barcelona Academy of Art, Jordi Díaz Alamà ha resultado ganador de la 51 edición del Concurso Internacional de Dibujo de la Fundación Ynglada-Guillot, que cuenta con su sede en la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Sant Jordi. La obra ganadora, “Artista que no se vende” estará expuesta hasta el 21 de julio, en el Espai VolArt de la Fundació Privada Vila Casas. La exposición de las obras seleccionadas contará además con una pequeña muestra de dibujos del artista. La Fundación Ynglada-Guillot se crea en 1959, siguiendo las voluntades testamentarias del señor Pere Inglada Sallent, viudo de la señora Georgette Guillot Plinois. Ya desde su año de creación celebra el presente concurso destinado a premiar dibujos ...

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